Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Girls’ Art League (GAL) is a Canadian arts organization with the mission of empowering women* through visual arts.

Women, trans and non-binary people of all artistic abilities, backgrounds, and lived experiences should have the opportunity to develop and exercise their artistic voice. We believe that this artistic voice and an empowered creative practice are cultivated when we connect, share and learn from each other.

*We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and we welcome trans women, genderqueer, non-binary and gender expansive folks. We recognize that gender is an evolving concept and we will work to be inclusive of  those identifying across the gender spectrum.

What We Do

We provide the knowledge and resources to develop artistic practice, promote self-expression, and build confidence among our participants. Our team of artists and educators teach a variety of 2D, 3D and time-based mediums, and serve as direct connections to successful women and non-binary artists working today. GAL offers these teachings through regular 8-week courses, workshops, artists talks, self-directed learning programs, and mentorship programs.