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We are slowly building a collection of curriculum and resources to be openly shared among art educators. This is to increase access to feminist-based art education for women and girls of all ages. 

These lesson plans are working guides, not edited for perfection, but created in the spirit of feminist art education. You may need to fill in some blanks with supporting material, but they will guide you in the right direction. 

Please keep in mind this is a community effort, and we emphasize a supportive and caring community. If looking to submit curriculum to this project please don't hesitate, we are into ideas and guidance - not perfection. 

Lesson Plans direct from GAL 

Shero Portraits: collage/mixed media on canvas

By Carolyn Ellen Beattie, created for the Working Women Community Centre. 

Based on the collage and portraiture work of Aminah Robinson. 

Download lesson plan here 

Inside Out Portraits: Mindfulness & mixed media

By Carolyn Ellen Beattie, created for Central Toronto Youth Services

Based on a variety of mindfulness exercises and the work of Wangechi Mutu

Download lesson plan here

Boundless Mural: Acrylic Painting on Canvas

By Carolyn Ellen Beattie, created for Central Toronto Youth Services

Based on the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Download lesson plan here 

Zines, Dreams and DIY Feminism: zine-making and the history of zines + feminism

By Carolyn Ellen Beattie, created for Feminists' Art Night at GAL

Based on the history of feminism & zine-making

Download lesson plan here 

Contemporary Indigenous Arts in the Classroom 

From the Ottawa Art Gallery : "This project aims to provide elementary and high school–level teachers with curriculum-linked lesson plans designed by contemporary Indigenous artists. The goal is to build students’ cultural competence and respect for diverse Indigenous peoples, while encouraging critical thinking about colonialism in Canada.

Ottawa-based artists Jaime Koebel (Métis, Cree) and Barry Ace (Anishinaabe) have each developed an art lesson for elementary and high school level students respectively.

The lesson plans below give step-by-step instructions and materials lists, and propose question topics for further reflection and class discussion. The lessons have been linked to the Ontario Arts Curriculum and may be adapted for use in other provinces or educational contexts outside of the classroom."

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